Top 5 Android Mobiles 2013

You can find so many Android phones available in the market that choosing the very best anybody can mean lots of research, price-checking, and waiting to discover what's coming out over the following few weeks … [Read More...]

Root Transmission Method

How to Root your Android Device (Root Transmission Method)

The Root Transmission method of rooting an android device allows you to root an android device using another android device by the use of the Root Transmission app. It is however important to remember that … [Read More...]

Unroot the LG Optimus Hub E510

How to Boot your Android Device into Safe Mode

At times, Android devices tend to be annoying such as when they freeze, hang or have battery issues. Just like booting a Windows PC into Safe mode to load windows without involving 3rd party software, so can … [Read More...]


How to Install Google Now easily on your Android ICS Device

Google Now is an app that enables you to interact with your android device. This app is however only available to selected devices mostly those running on Android Jelly-Bean. It is possible though to run the … [Read More...]

Android Apps to Help You This Summer

How to manage your Android’s Memory and Applications

As a disclaimer to begin with, the Android Operating System also consumes space on which it runs on. Therefore, on the available storage space speculated by the phone manufacturer that the phone contains; part … [Read More...]

Sony Xperia ZL

Top 5 Android Apps to Maximize your Productivity

One may consider using their android devices to maximize on their productivity at various levels. Before the android invention, there was very little that other phone types could do to increase productivity. … [Read More...]

WiFi access points as mobile hotspots

Tag WiFi Access Points as Mobile Hotspots on your Android Device

The Android 4.1 has introduced an option that lets you mark possible mobile access points for WiFi connection. This access points may be necessary when you are using a tablet with no mobile data connection or … [Read More...]