How to Unroot the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100)

Android phones are much fun if you seek to get maximum use out of it and enjoy the advantages that come with it. For example, rooting the device to be able to access the root-only applications, custom-software ROM’s, Custom themes, more fun applications, improved speed and performance, increasing the device’s battery life, installing unsupported applications and backing up the device. Once in a while, the user may want to return to stock. This is where unrooting of the device may be considered. For any unrooting procedure, the device must have been rooted. This means that the warrant of the phone is restored and the user can continue enjoying its privileges. However, unrooting the device makes it impossible to run any root only applications. It is therefore advisable for you to remove such applications.

Unroot the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Unroot the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Unrooting the device is achieved by the following simple steps:

1. Ensure that the device’s battery is fully charged.

2. Download ODIN from here and Stock Firmware here and save them on the PC’s desktop.

3. Unzip the files from the archives to the desktop and launch ODIN executable file by double-clicking.

4. Ensure the ‘Auto reboot’ and ‘F Reset’ time boxes are checked in the ODIN.

5. Select the ‘PDA’ button and choose the Stock Firmware and leave the ‘repartition’ box unchecked.

6. Switch of your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (N7100) for a while.

7. By pressing the ‘Volume Down’, ‘Home’ and ‘Power’ buttons simultaneously, reboot the phone into ‘download mode.

8. Next, using the USB cable, connect your device to the PC and click on ‘start’ button for it to flash the firmware. This should lead to complete ‘reboot’ of your device.

9. And with that, you have successfully unrooted your device.

An extra guide to this procedure can be found here:

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